Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chocolate-Covered Absurdity


In honor of Valentine's Day season, I've been posting some of my favorite dating mishap stories on Open Salon. Go on, check 'em out! Show your V-Day spirit by giving this blogger a little page-view love.

What We Did Before Match.com
In which a friend and I take a zany, sitcom-ish romp through the world of personal ads.

Older Guys: Still Just Not That Into You
In which I consider the benefits of dating an older guy . . . but what did he see in me?

All the Lonely People
It’s “Eleanor Rigby” meets When Harry Met Sally meets Punch Drunk Love. Sort of.


Teacher Tom said...

I read them both. Fantastic and funny.

I've read classifieds from time to time, but never had the guts to respond to one. In fact, I never dated anyone with whom I didn't go to class or work.

I've never seen how a woman could be attracted to an older man. That said, my wife is 6 years my senior so that might just be the heterosexual in me speaking. =)

Teacher Tom said...

I'm responding here because I just didn't have the energy to join Open Salon in order to comment!

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