Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mmm, Summer

Too busy having a summer vacation to write much these days. It's so rare that I find myself simply, happily grounded in the present that I've just got to savor this while it lasts. Mountains. Beaches. Bikes and swings. Pineapple-basil gelato. Old wine barrels of snap peas and tomatoes.

The Boy staying up late in his new room, strumming his father's acoustic guitar until he feels sleepy. Little Grrl in her tomato-red shirt and black flowered skirt, moving sometimes with caution and grace, sometimes with joyous abandon. Ebb and flow, risk and retreat and risk again. Just like her brother before her, she’s tapering into the body of a big kid; wily, long-legged, and independent.

Sweet, sleepy stubble-faced husband sleeping in with me just like we used to, kids grabbing their own bagels for breakfast and playing together. We cuddle and doze under the ceiling fan. Our bodies are so different now, older and with all the imperfections that brings, but so familiar to each other. We fit. There will always, always be that place on his shoulder where my head rests so easily. There will always be our wedding rings clacking together when we hold hands.

The kids and I are leaving in a few days for the Big East Coast Extravaganza. Haven’t been back east with my people in almost two years. For a while there, the trip started feeling like too much of an adventure, what with all the other sturm und drang of the early parenting years. But I’m ready to take it on again. The airports. The Beltways. The heat, Zod help me. The nomadic lifestyle, traveling from relative to relative, state to state, guest room to guest room. It’s an adventure, all right. And even under the wackiest of circumstances, we always manage to have fun.

I’ll be back at the end of the month…maybe with something to write about, maybe not.

Enjoy the summer!

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